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Ladies Study and Share
7:00 pm - NE Calgary
Opening the Bible and doing life together
Hosted By:
Wendy Jones:


Strathmore Dinner Party
6:00pm - Strathmore
Gather to share a meal together - Children welcome 
Hosted By:
Kyle and Jocelyn Giesbrecht:


Soul Sisters
10:00 am - NE Calgary
Ladies and Moms gathering for a morning coffee - Children welcome
Hosted By:
Brenna Ruiz Marroquin and Kylee Gray:
7:00 pm - NE Calgary
A recovery group for those who have gone through divorce - Registration fee of $30
Hosted By:
Judy Kuny:


Calgary Alpha Group
7:00 pm - NE Calgary
Exploring faith through the Alpha video series
Hosted By:
Devi Dhramdial and Judy Schulz:
Mens Connect
7:00 pm - Calgary NE
Sharing your stories over a cup of coffee
Hosted By:
Ralf Luthin:
Home Connect
7:00 pm - SE Calgary
A gathering place for anyone needing that feeling of home
Hosted By:
Elmer and Sylvia Delport:


Strathmore Alpha Group
7:00 pm - Strathmore
Exploring faith through the Alpha video series
Hosted By:
Doug and Katie Kiemeny:


Hospitality Connect
3:00 pm - NE Calgary
Learning how to host and welcome people in your home
Hosted By:
Dwayne and Rachelle Christopher:
Find Your Group!
Connect Groups are how we do meaningful relationship and there is something for everyone - even you! Simply a day of the week on the left and find out the right group for you!

All are welcome so why don’t you come join us?

Without a heart a body ceases to live. Without prayer a church ceases to live. Prayer is an essential part of C3 North Calgary – we won’t do church without it. Come be a part:

C3 Church-Wide Prayer

Tuesdays at 7:30pm – Calgary North Location

Pre-Service Prayer

Sunday mornings at 9:15 am – North Calgary Location Sunday afternoons at 3:30 pm – Strathmore Location

Club J Kids

Proverbs 22:6 – “Train a child the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”

  We believe that Sunday should be your kids’ favourite day of the week!  Club J is for kids age 3 to grade 6 and is available at all locations during the service.  It’s loaded with awesome worship time, incredible interactive lessons plus great games and take home activities.

  We know the impact that the early years of a child’s life will have on their future. We believe in providing a fun and safe place for kids to grow in their relationship with God. We also believe in finding ways to help parents raise kids who are healthy—spiritually, physically, and emotionally—in strong families.. We understand the power of unity and partnership are committed to serving not only kids, but families as a whole.

ONE Youth

ONE Youth is for students in Jr. & Sr. High School.


Being a teenager is tough! School is tough. Friendships can be tough. Family can be tough. Everything is changing so fast and it can be tough to keep up with it all! At ONE we get what itʼs like to be a teenager and we want to provide a place to help you navigate these crazy years. It all starts with a connection with God, connection with great leaders and connection with great friends.


Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay in the loop on whatʼs coming up.

Recovery Groups

Everyone has a story, but the next chapter has yet to be written.

We believe in providing avenues to navigate the challenges that come with life.  We offer both DivorceCare and GriefShare groups for people in need of support and recovery.  We are currently offering DivorceCare for our Fall 2019 group.

C3 Team

Jesus said that he came to serve, not to be served.  We believe we are called to live that same way.

Finding a place to serve at C3 is about finding purpose, finding connection, and finding a place to give back.  Whether it’s making sure there’s coffee available on a Sunday, or being a friendly greeter at the door, or serving on our sound and media teams, or serving our kids we are sure that there’s a place for you!

Interested in joining the C3 Team?

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  • Christmas Holiday - Office Closed



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  • Study and Share Connect Group


  • C3 Prayer


  • Soul Sister's Connect Group


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  • Pre-Service Prayer

  • C3 North Calgary Service

  • C3 Strathmore Service


  • Study and Share Connect Group


  • C3 Prayer


  • Soul Sister's Connect Group



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